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Our Services

We provide executive and senior leader assessment including identifying and profiling the leadership capabilities needed to deliver business success.

A.) Assessment Lite

What you get:
A summary report of a leader’s strengths and limitations aligned with your specific business context.
The report covers: - level of intellectual functioning benchmarked against local and/or global norms, high level summary of leadership style and potential areas of risk. All tests are conducted on line using culture fair measures of intellect (where appropriate) and reliable and valid measures of personality.

B.) Assessment Standard

What you get:
An in depth report written by an Occupational Psychologist based on an in depth 1:1 face to face structured interview and on line tests (as above).
The report format covers business context, biographical background, leadership capabilities, areas of strength and risk with guidance on suitable mitigating strategies.

C.) Assessment Bespoke

What you get:
Using our expertise with instruments such as MBTI, OPQ, HOGAN, 16PF we provide an in depth and tailored approach reflecting the precise needs of your business.


Additional Options

Much of the value from assessment comes from employing the data gained to make selection or promotion decisions. Additional value is added by using the same data to plan and execute development. We offer a tailored approach including “strengths based” coaching, team profiling and development.