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Case Study

Who are our ”A Players?”

A professional services firm wanted to make sure that they are well positioned to capitalise on a market recovery. A clear differentiator for them is the quality of their people. Leader Talent Performance was brought in to assist in putting in place a mechanism to clearly establish their “A Players”. Working closely with the HRD, we provided the benefit of our expertise gained in over 20 years experience of providing talent management solutions to business.

Utilising best practice, a talent audit was constructed which easily identified those top performers with potential to progress. Tested out with the Managing Partner of the business, he clearly saw the benefit and instructed that the approach be rolled out during late spring 2010. This enabled a clear link to the pay review process and ensured that rewards were clearly aligned with performance and targeted to the retention of top talent.

The result has been that top performers and those with most potential are being recognised and rewarded. This is now delivering a clear line of sight between business results and the distribution of reward thus safeguarding the appropriate targeting of remuneration and enabling bold decisions on salary reviews to be made.

“How well do we really know our people?” — An additional and key result is that there is now a common understanding across the business of “what good looks like”. The board now agree who their A players are and what needs to be done to develop that talent.

It has helped shine a light on these people and what we are doing about it” (HRD comment). — This approach has put a much clearer focus on the accountability of practice leaders to lead performance and development of their teams as part of the broader change to drive a performance culture.