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Case Study

Preparing for a seat at the top table ...

This large industrials group needed to move quickly to appoint a main board director and had identified a potential candidate from within the company to throw in the mix against the best on offer form the market.

The internal candidate was a senior leader for a subdivision of the business. Although 2 levels below the board he had impressed them with his potential but could he make the step up?

This is where LTP were asked to help given our experience in the development of senior executives. We moved quickly to establish the skills, capabilities and experience of the internal candidate against the profile for the board role and identified what would differentiate him from an external hire.

Working on a 1:1 basis Stephen McCafferty developed the internal executive’s understanding of the role of a main board director, coached him on “how to” present himself with poise and gravitas to the executive search firm handling the appointment and trained him in some aspects of corporate governance.

As a result he came through the external hire process well: indeed feedback from the CEO was extremely complimentary.

He excelled in his presentation to the board and has been promoted to run the biggest operation within the group.

Our Services

We provide individualised development based on intensive 1:1 "strengths based" coaching. Utilizing years of experience as a business psychologist and executive coach along with the latest thinking from positive psychology we build a bespoke coaching programme to deliver improved performance.